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Benefits of Trees

Trees contribute to a fresh, clean, healthy environment by supplying life giving oxygen, and absorbing carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air we breathe. Trees provide important shade, and moderate air temperature reducing your heating and cooling costs. Trees reduce pollution, act as sound and wind barriers, stabilize and enrich the soil and prevent erosion. Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife.

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The Money Tree

Wise landscaping and proper tree maintenance will pay off handsomely in adding value to your property. A mature tree in the right place is worth thousands of dollars. It's simply exterior decorating that adds beauty and charm. It gives your home personality, and a pleasant and attractive look. You have the pleasure of enjoying all these benefits without major expense or hardship as your trees grow and mature.

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The Right Tree in the Right Place

Do you have an overall vision for the finished look, or focal points of your landscape? Planning your tree selection and location involves a number of important considerations. The following list may help you decide which species to buy to avoid future complications.

Is there enough space for the tree to grow to a mature size?
This includes the crown above (utilities, buildings etc.) and root development below. Selection can vary from a large Oak or Maple, to a mid size Linden, or smaller Ivory Silk.

Tree form or shape of the crown and proper spacing between trees are other important factors in this respect.

Soil conditions including drainage and texture (heavy clay), nutrients, and compaction can affect the health of a tree. Most new subdivisions are completed with little consideration given for adequate planting conditions.

Color, fragrance, fruit, amount of shade, and winter appearance are other considerations.

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Selecting Your Tree(s)

Trees are a unique commodity. Like people, no two are exactly alike. However, with careful and scrupulous pruning techniques, high quality structurally sound trees can be developed. Our objective is to provide you with a selection of top quality trees to choose from. We invite you to shop carefully as you compare and select the trees that will enhance your yard. A structurally sound tree can last a life time if planted correctly and cared for properly.

Our Scrupulous Pruning StaffA high quality tree has...

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Suitability Planting

Utility Trees Suitable for Planting under Overhead Wires

Buckeye, Ohio
Chokecherry, Shubert
Lilac, Japanese/Ivory Silk
Maple, Amur
Mountainash, Oakleaf

Trees/Shrubs of Outstanding Fall Colour



Buckeye, Ohio O D
Maple, Amur Y R O D
Maple, Autumn Fantasy Red R D
Maple, Red Y R O D W
Maple, Sugar Y R O D
Oak, Red R D
Serviceberry Y R O D

Colours: Y - Yellow;  R - Red;  O - Orange;  
Location: D - Dry;  W - Wet;

Trees Growing Well in Clay

Chokecherry, Shubert
Crabapples, Flowering
Maple, Red & varieties
Maple, Silver
Oak, English
Oak, Pyramidal English
Oak, Red
Walnut, Black

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Evergreen Descriptions

C  F  P  S

(NOTE: choose a letter to start your search or scroll down)

Common Name (Latin name),   Hardiness Zone,   Mature height,   Spread

Planting Spruce Line

CEDAR, WHITE     Zone: 3-9 Height: 18m   Spread: 2m

Slow growing conifer with narrow crown, yellow green foliage, excellent for hedging.


FIR, BALSAM (Abies balsamea)    Zone: 3  Height: 20m   Spread: 8m

A slow growing deep green fir with a narrow-conical habit when young, opens with age. Has fragrant needles.

Found to be more shade tolerant than other firs.


HEMLOCK, EASTERN (Tsuga canadensis)   Zone: 4  Height: 20m   Spread: 8m

Native, pyramidal shape, soft textured foliage, likes sun or shade.


LARCH, AMERICAN (Larix laricina)   Zone: 1  Height: 26m    Spread: 10m

Deciduous conifer, pyramidal, with horizontal branches and drooping branchlets, slender form, fast growing when young. In fall, light green needles turn brilliant yellow before shedding. (aka Tamarack)


PINE, AUSTRIAN (Pinus nigra)    Zone: 4  Height: 18m   Spread: 15m

Dense, rounded spreading crown. Heavy needles with a strong fragrance. Darkest green of all pines.
Fast growing. Tolerates wind, heat, cold, dry soil and urban conditions. Adaptable to many soil types.


PINE, WHITE (Pinus strobus)    Zone: 3  Height: 23m   Spread: 10m

Fast growing soft needled pine, grows best in well drained soils. Largest northeastern conifer.


PINE, WHITE – Columnar (Pinus strobus ‘fastigiata’)    Zone: 3   Height: 13m   Spread: 3m

Starting as a narrow, columnar form when young, this beautiful cultivar develops into a narrow, oval habit with distinctily ascending branches. Needles are bluish-green. Effective in small groupings or as a specimen. Also can be planted as a screen.


SPRUCE, COLORADO BLUE (Picea pungens Glauca) Zone: 2  Height: 18m   Spread: 7m

Very hardy specimen evergreen with semi blue foliage.


SPRUCE, COLORADO, FASTIGIATA   Zone: 2  Height: 8m   Spread: 2m

Columnar Colorado Spruce with upright branching. New growth has blue color.


SPRUCE, COLORADO GREEN (Picea pungens) Zone: 2  Height: 18m   Spread: 7m

Very hardy specimen evergreen with bright green foliage.


SPRUCE, FAT ALBERT (Picea Pungens, Fat Albert) Zone: 2  Height: 10m   Spread: 5m

Blue-needled tree with a broad, pyramidal shape. Its base is nearly as wide as it is tall. Fantastic, consistent blue color.


SPRUCE, HOOPSII BLUE (Picea pungens)   Zone: 3  Height: 18m   Spread: 7m

Pyramidal form with spreading branches, foliage extremely blue-white. The finest forms of the blue spruce.


SPRUCE, NORWAY (Picea abies)   Zone: 2  Height: 25m   Spread: 7m

Pyramidal shape with pendulous branches with maturity. Dark green. Largest and fastest growing spruce.


SPRUCE, SERBIAN (Picea omorika)    Zone: 5  Height: 18m   Spread: 8m

Narrow trunk, short ascending branches with contrasting blue, green & white foliage. Purple cones.


SPRUCE, WHITE (Picea glauca)    Zone: 2  Height: 16m   Spread: 7m

Very hardy neat pyramidal native evergreen with bright green foliage.


SPRUCE, WHITE, Montspire (Picea glauca, Montspire)Zone: 1  Height: 14m   Spread: 6m

Narrow, compact evergreen with bright green foliage, developed in West Montrose ON


SPRUCE, WHITE “Blackhills” (Picea glauca, Densata)Zone: 2  Height: 20m   Spread: 8m

Dense symmetrical cone shape. Dark green foliage. Cold hardy and resistant to winter injury.

Montspire White Spruce
Colorado Blue Spruce
Colorado Blue Spruce
Spruce & Pines
Spruce & Pines

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Deciduous Descriptions


(NOTE: choose a letter to start your search or scroll down)

Common Name (Latin name) Hardiness zone, Mature Height, Spread

BUCKEYE, OHIO (Aesculus glabra)    Zone: 3  Height: 10m   Spread: 7m

Hardy, small ornamental tree with yellow spring flowers, silky compound leaves turning brilliant orange in fall.


BUCKEYE, YELLOW (Aesculus octandra)    Zone: 3  Height: 18m   Spread: 10m

Hardy, small ornamental tree with yellow spring flowers. This tree has no leaf scorching in the summer.


CATALPA, NORTHERN (Catalpa speciosa)   Zone: 4  Height: 16m   Spread: 10m

Large, heart shaped green leaves, White fragrant flowers in July. This large native tree is heat and drought tolerant.

Fast growing.


CHERRY, RANCHO (Prunus sargentii)   Zone: 4  Height: 8m   Spread: 4m

Single, pink flowers. Very good orange fall color


COFFEETREE, KENTUCKY (Gymnocladus dioicus)  Zone: 5  Height: 15m   Spread: 11m

Native, tolerant tree with light blue-green compound leaves and filtered shade.Most picturesque form during the

winter with its large open branching habit and stubby silver twigs.

CRABAPPLE, DOLGO (Malus)     Zone: 2  Height: 10m   Spread: 8m

White flowers, red edible fruit (jelly), green foliage. Upright, spreading, open form. . Extremely hardy and disease


CRABAPPLE, MAKAMIK (Malus)    Zone: 2  Height: 5m   Spread: 5m

Beautiful large semi-double rose red flowers with bronze foliage and red fruit. Open spreading shape.


CRABAPPLE, PINKSPIRE (Malus)    Zone: 2  Height: 5m   Spread: 4m

Single pink flowers, narrow, upright form with copper colored fall foliage, 1/2" reddish, purple fruit. Reddish-purple
foliage in spring turning green-bronze in summer.


CRABAPPLE, PROFUSION (Malus)    Zone: 4  Height: 5m   Spread: 5m

Purplish/red flowers, 1/2 maroon-red fruit, purple- bronze foliage, upright, rounded form. Fast growing.


CRABAPPLE, RED BARON (Malus)   Zone: 4  Height: 6m   Spread: 2.5m

Narrow, columnar shape which becomes more rounded in as it matures. Purple to bronze-red color

which turns to bronze- green in the fall. Flower and fruit are dark red.


CRABAPPLE, RINKI (Malus)     Zone: 3  Height: 8m   Spread: 3m

A narrow upright, very well branched crabapple with pink-tinged white blossoms. Very hardy and good disease
resistance. Excellent when space is limited.


CRABAPPLE, ROYALTY (Malus)     Zone: 4  Height: 5m   Spread: 5m

Upright, rounded form with purple, glossy leaves. Single purple flowers and dark 5/8” red-purple fruit. Orange fall color.


CRABAPPLE, THUNDERCHILD (Malus)    Zone: 2  Height: 5m   Spread: 5m

Compact, very hardy crabapple with single, pink flowers and purple foliage. Small, dark red fruit.


ELM, BRANDON(Ulmus Americana ‘Brandon’)  Zone: 2  Height: 15m   Spread: 12m

A compact elm with a graceful vase-shaped canopy. Drought resistant. Resistant to Dutch Elm disease.


ELM, DISCOVERY(Ulmus davidiana ‘Discovery’)  Zone: 3  Height: 10m   Spread: 10m

A hardy elm which displays an excellent round form. Dark green foliage that turns yellow in the fall. Disease resistant.

ELM, PRINCETON (Ulmus Americana ‘Princeton’) Zone: 4  Height: 20m   Spread: 12m

A fast growing elm with graceful, symmetrical branches. Leaves turn yellow in the fall, Highly resistant to Dutch
Elm disease.


GINKGO/MAIDENHAIR (Ginkgo biloba)    Zone: 4  Height: 16m   Spread: 10m

A broad, pyramidal shaped fossil tree with unusual fan shaped leaves. Excellent pest and disease resistance, beautiful yellow fall color. Well suited for urban conditions.


HACKBERRY, COMMON (Celtis occidentalis)   Zone: 2b Height: 15m   Spread: 10m

A round headed native tree with elm-like leaves. Foliage turns yellow in the fall. Tolerates extreme city conditions.


HAWTHORN, COCKSPUR (Celtis occidentalis)   Zone: 4  Height: 5m   Spread: 5m

Rounding and spreading with leathery deep green glossy foliage. Abundant white flowers in the summer and bright red fuit in the autumn. Free from rust and drought tolerant.


HONEYLOCUST, SKYLINE (Gleditsia triacanthos)   Zone: 4  Height: 16m   Spread: 10m

Straight trunk, upright spreading branches and good green foliage which turns yellow in the fall.

Fast growing. Seedless and thornless. Ideal street tree.


HONEYLOCUST, SUNBURST (Gleditsia triacanthos)  Zone: 4  Height: 12m Spread: 10m

Broad pyramidal head whose golden leaves on new growth eventually turn to bright green then back to yellow in the
fall. Seedless and thornless.


IRONWOOD (Ostrya virginiana)  (Hop Hornbeam) Zone: 4  Height: 12m   Spread: 8m

A medium sized ornamental tree, oval to rounded shape. Slow growing but once established, proves to be a favorite.
White catkins, green foliage turning yellowish in the fall.


KATSURA (Cercidiphyllum japonicum)    Zone: 4  Height: 6m   Spread: 4m

Heart shaped leaves emerge bright red, changing to blue-green in the summer. Smells pleasantly like cotton candy.
Purplish-pink flowers. Yellow fall color.


LILAC, IVORY SILK TREE (Syringa reticulata)   Zone: 3  Height: 8m   Spread: 5m

A sturdy compact tree with deep green foliage and clusters of large creamy white flowers in late June.



(Syringa reticulata)      Zone: 3  Height: 8m   Spread: 5m

Upright, oval habit with dark green foliage and clusters of large creamy white flowers in late June.


LINDEN, GLENLEVEN (Tilia cordata)    Zone: 3  Height: 15m   Spread: 10m

A fast growing pyramidal form with a straight trunk. Yellow fall color. Excellent street tree.



Honey Locust
Ivory Silk Japanese Lilac
Ivorysilk Lilac

LINDEN, WARSAW (Tilia x Europaea)    Zone: 3  Height: 15m   Spread: 7m

Broadly pyramidal. Yellowish white flowers. Deep yellow leaves that turn orange yellow in the fall give this Linden an unusual appearance. Good accent tree.


MAPLE, AMUR (Acer ginnala)     Zone: 2  Height: 6m   Spread: 6m

Compact tree with a rounded shape that is excellent where height is limited. Medium green leaves turn scarlet red

to give a spectacular fall color.


MAPLE, AUTUMN BLAZE (Acer freemanii)   Zone: 3  Height: 16m   Spread: 12m

Cross between Red and Silver Maple - drought tolerance of the Silver and beautiful fall color of the Red. Fast growing.


MAPLE, AUTUMN FANTASY (Acer freemanii)   Zone: 4  Height: 17m   Spread: 13m

Broadly oval crown. Waxy bright green leaves turn a vibrant red-orange in the fall. Fast growing.


MAPLE, CELEBRATION (Acer freemani ‘Celzam’)  Zone 4  Height: 15   Spread: 13m

Upright, uniform crown. Crisp green foliage, gold fall foliage. Disease resistant. Fast growing.



(Acer platanoides ‘Columnare’)     Zone: 4  Height: 12m   Spread: 4m

An excellent narrow street tree. This cultivar produces a column of dark green foliage on almost vertical branches.

Dark green foliage that turns yellow in the fall.


MAPLE, NORWAY - DEBORAH (Acer platanoides)  Zone: 5  Height: 14m   Spread: 12m

Broadly oval to round, new foliage is brilliant reddish-purple turning to a vivid dark bronze- green

in the summer. Bronze-gold fall color. Fast growing.



(Acer platanoides)     Zone: 3  Height: 22m   Spread: 20m

Broad oval form. Glossy, deep green leaves. Yellow fall color. Fast growing.


MAPLE, NORWAY - FAIRVIEW (Acer platanoides)  Zone: 4  Height: 15m   Spread: 12m

More upright and narrow than Deborah Maple. Foliage is very similar in color and shape.


MAPLE, NORWAY - HARLEQUIN (Acer platanoides) Zone: 4  Height: 11m   Spread: 8m

A beautiful variegated maple. Has light green with white margin leaves that turn yellow in the fall.

Broadly oval shape.


MAPLE, NORWAY - ROYAL RED (Acer platanoides)  Zone: 4  Height: 12m   Spread: 8m

Broadly oval shape with dense branching and a straight trunk. Glossy maroon foliage turning reddish bronze in the fall.


MAPLE, RED (NATIVE) (Acer rubrum)    Zone: 4  Height: 15m   Spread: 13m

Broadly oval to rounded form, dense green foliage turns yellowish-orange to bright red in fall. Adaptive to a wide

range of soil conditions.



(Acer saccharinum)      Zone: 3  Height: 16m   Spread: 13m

Refined version of Silver Maple with a more dominant central leader, tighter oval head, seedless. Leaves are medium

green above with an attractive silvery underside turning yellow in the fall. Very fast growing.



(Acer saccharum)      Zone: 4  Height: 20m   Spread: 4m

A narrow, very upright Sugar Maple with a fall color of yellow to orange-red.


Sugar Maple


(Acer saccharum)      Zone: 4  Height: 17m   Spread: 12m

Excellent selection with outstanding fall color – reddish-orange to red and broad oval shape. Hardiest of all sugar

maples. A Uniform vigorous grower.



(Acer saccharum)      Zone: 4  Height: 16m   Spread: 13m

Large, dark green leaves with outstanding orange-red fall color, symmetrical oval shaped head. Resistant to

frost cracking and sun scald.


MAPLE, SUGAR - NATIVE (Acer saccharum)   Zone: 4  Height: 17m   Spread: 15m

Canada’s native tree known for its brilliant fall color from yellow to bright red. Long lived shade tree.


MAPLE, SUGAR – TEMPLE (Acer saccharum)   Zone: 4  Height: 23m   Spread: 3m

A pyramidal form Sugar Maple, which has dark green foliage that turns red to orange in the fall.


OAK, BURR    Zone: 2b   Height: 18m   Spread: 13m

This native oak adapts well to a wide variety of growing condtions. Excellent choice for city parks. Its shape is broadly oval and open with corky bark on its twigs. Yellow to brown fall color.


OAK, ENGLISH (Quercus robur)   Zone: 4   Height: 18m   Spread: 13m

Broad, rounded crown. Majestic tree which transplants easily.


OAK, ENGLISH (Pyramidal) (Quercus robur Fastigiata)  Zone: 4b   Height: 15m   Spread: 5m

Dark green foliage that turns brown and holds leaves well into winter. Excellent where space is limited.


OAK, ENGLISH - CRIMSON SPIRE (Pyramidal)   Zone: 4   Height: 15m   Spread: 5m

(Quercus robur x alba ‘Crimson Spire’)
A columnar tree with dark blue-green foliage turning a brilliant red in fall. A good choice for small areas where Height is required.


OAK, RED (Quercus rubra)     Zone: 3  Height: 27m   Spread: 16m

A strong tree, good green foliage, with beautiful scarlet colors in the fall. Fast growing, native.


Red Oak - Fall
Red Oak - Fall
Red Oak - Summer
Red Oak - Summer

PEAR, FLEMISH (Pyrus)     Zone: 4  Height: 7m   Spread: 3m

Very hardy tree, extremely productive. Fruit is large, flesh juicy and tender with good flavor. Pink/white flowers.



(Amelanchier canadensis)    Zone: 4  Height: 6m   Spread: 3m

A very nice selection with white flowers and a more upright growth habit. Orange and Red fall color.


SERVICEBERRY, DOWNEY (Amelanchier canadensis)  Zone: 4  Height: 6m   Spread: 3m

Early white flowering small native tree or shrub, small edible red fruit, green foliage, orange/red fall color.


SERVICEBERRY, ROBIN HILL (Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Robin Hill’)  Zone: 4  Height: 6m   Spread: 5m

Masses of pink buds, opening to large white flower. Upright in form. Fall foliage a bright orange to red.


WILLOW, GOLDEN WEEPING (Salix alba tristis)   Zone: 4  Height: 17m   Spread: 20m

Very fast growing, ideal in wet locations, light green weeping foliage, yellow fall colour and winter twigs.

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