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How To Shop at Our Nursery

Office and Tree Nursery are located at:

1966 Carsonby Road West (3 km south of Car Canada)
Refer to the location section for maps and details.

Office Hours are seasonal* (weather permitting)

Note: The office is closed evenings and on Sundays, however, for your convenience the nursery is set up for you to come and browse, select, tag, and reserve trees on a self help basis. An information kiosk/display board (for self directed shopping) includes tagging ribbon, inventory list, and directions. You are welcome to do so at any time.

Tree Nursery * Note: Season is normally from mid April to mid December, including the summer months. Successful summer digging includes a pre-soak using an organic transplant agent, digging over sized root balls, and transporting with tarpaulin protection.

It is advisable to bring suitable footwear during or after rainy periods when mud is inevitable.
(Our gravel lane ways enable viewing of most varieties from your vehicle.)

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Tagging Your Own Trees

Our inventory includes a wide variety of #1 grade top quality locally grown deciduous (starting at approx. 50 mm (2") caliper) and conifer trees (starting at 150 cm (5 ft) height). All stock is adequately spaced for easy viewing and selection. We encourage you to come and compare the quality of our trees to any others.

Outside our main office on the southside porch you will find an information display board with much of the same information you can find on this web site.

You may pick up a current inventory/price listing in the mail box below the display board. All our trees are tagged with a number that corresponds to the inventory price listing.

If you wish to reserve or select a tree that interests you, please do the following:

  1. Write your name on a piece of ribbon (provided at the display board) with a black marker and tie it to the tree(s) selected.
  2. Please fill out a work order form (WHITE copy is yours) and leave it in the "mailbox" (below the display board) with your name, address, ph. #, and tree #, as well as any questions you may have.
  3. If we missed your visit, we will call you at our earliest convenience, to answer any questions or to arrange delivery, and planting schedule.

Note: Larger trees 80 mm/250 cm and over will require crane or tree spade access. Please see Tree Moving Criteria for more information.

Crab Apple

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Pricing Guidelines

The Manotick Tree Movers price structure is as follows:

1) Tree price

2) Planting fee (per tree)

3) Delivery fee (per order) includes USL

4) Sales Tax - HST @ 13%

5) Warranty Terms

1) Tree Price

All numbered trees have been priced according to species class (1,2, or 3) and size. A class 1 price for 150 cm (5ft) white spruce is $200; a 50 mm (2") crabapple is $250. High end quality species like a blue spruce is $250; sugar maple or red oak of the same size are priced at $340 in class 3. Large specimen trees are priced individually and may reach almost $1200. Prices for all species and sizes are available at the nursery display board or you may inquire about specific sizes and varieties via the "contact us" section.

2) Planting Fee

The applicable planting fee for each tree includes digging of the hole, removal of subsoil (on or off site as you wish), planting of tree with pro-mix topsoil, fertilizer, staking if necessary, and warranty period of two (2) years (if planted by Manotick Tree Movers). Planting fees begin at $130 and increases by size (plus distance for large trees). Our standard fee is based on access for truck or crane and normal digging conditions.     

To confirm large tree planting with equipment (trucks etc.) please refer to the Tree Moving Criteria section for details.

Extra charges if applicable will be added for:

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3) Delivery Fee

A one (1) time delivery fee (per order) is charged based on the destination area. Areas are determined by time and distance factors. This fee also includes administrative time to order/co-ordinate all underground locates. Following is a sample listing of areas:

Tree Sizes 50 - 70 mm (wire basket delivery)

Area A ($60) Barrhaven, Greely, Manotick, North Gower, Osgoode, Richmond, Riverside South, etc.

Area B ($120) Blackburn, Hunt Club, Kanata, Kemptville, Metcalfe, Nepean, Russell, Stittsville, Vanier, Winchester, etc.

Area C ($180) Carleton Place, Carp, Chesterville, Cumberland, Dunrobin, Embrun, Kinburn, Navan, Orleans, Rockcliffe, Smith Falls, etc.

Area D ($240) Arnprior, Brockville, Casselman, Gatineau, Lansdowne, Perth, Riceville, Rockland, etc.

Tree Sizes 80 - 110 mm ( 60" spade delivery) A = $100; B=$200; C=$300; D=$400;

Tree Sizes 125 mm and up (90" spade delivery) A = $140; B=$280; C=$420; D=$560;

Note: Wire basket trees can be ordered and picked up from our yard. Please be aware that a 70mm tree can weigh up to 500kg (1100lb) requiring suitable equipment (truck or trailer, and tarpaulin) to transport and unload safely.

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4) Sales Tax

Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is applied at 13% to the total of the entire invoice order.

Note: Payment is required when the tree(s) are picked up or planted (COD). Personal cheque or cash is acceptable.

5) Warranty Terms

All trees purchased from and planted by Manotick Tree Movers Inc. are guaranteed for 2 years from date of invoice. The warranty covers the cost of the tree and half of the delivery and planting fees. Additional planting charges or smaller sizing may be required if conditions have changed from original installation (i.e. limited or no access due to fences, retaining walls, buildings and other obstructions)

In no case shall Manotick Tree Movers Inc. be liable in respect of loss or damage to trees caused by diseases, severe weather (wind storm, hail, lightning, fire) winter desiccation, animal/insect damage, lack of water, excessive water, vandalism or malicious acts. We will replace any tree only once.

Sugar Maple Just Planted
Sugar Maple Just Planted
Planting with Crane Access
Planting with Crane Access

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