Trees contribute to a fresh, clean, healthy environment by supplying life giving oxygen, and absorbing carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air we breathe.

Trees provide important shade, and moderate air temperature reducing your heating and cooling costs. Trees reduce pollution, act as sound and wind barriers, stabilize and enrich the soil and prevent erosion.

Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife.

The Right Tree in the Right Place

Do you have an overall vision for the finished look, or focal points of your landscape? Planning your tree selection and location involves a number of important considerations. The following list may help you decide which species to buy to avoid future complications.

Is there enough space for the tree to grow to a mature size?
This includes the crown above (utilities, buildings etc.) and root development below. Selection can vary from a large Oak or Maple, to a mid size Linden, or smaller Ivory Silk.

Tree form or shape of the crown and proper spacing between trees are other important factors in this respect.

Soil conditions including drainage and texture (heavy clay), nutrients, and compaction can affect the health of a tree. Most new subdivisions are completed with little consideration given for adequate planting conditions.

Color, fragrance, fruit, amount of shade, and winter appearance are other considerations.

Selecting Your Tree(s)

Trees are a unique commodity. Like people, no two are exactly alike. However, with careful and scrupulous pruning techniques, high quality structurally sound trees can be developed.

Our objective is to provide you with a selection of top quality trees to choose from. We invite you to shop carefully as you compare and select the trees that will enhance your yard.

A structurally sound tree can last a life time if planted correctly and cared for properly.

A high quality tree has…

  • a straight, injury free, tapered trunk and central dominant leader
  • properly spaced well attached branches, angled in each direction
  • hardiness and vitality, capable of enduring our cold Eastern Ontario winters

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