Manotick Tree Movers Inc. has a full complement of mechanical tree moving equipment capable of digging up to a 225 mm (9″) caliper trunk size. By following strict criteria with regard to size or conditions, the survival rate is over 95%. Much of the success depends on site conditions and the after-care provided by the owner, primarily the water drainage and nutrient requirements.

Important:  Please read the Tree Moving Criteria section before you call us to be more familiar with the process

Tree Moving Criteria

If you have a tree(s) that you wish to relocate, various criteria must be checked to see if it is practical to pursue moving the tree(s). Please evaluate each one to be familiar with the equipment requirements.

1. Measure the diameter (circumference/3.14) of the trunk 150mm (6″) above the base to determine tree spade size. Trees over 9″ diameter can not be moved.

  • Small trees under 80 mm (3″) use a 42″ spade (on 4WD backhoe)
  • Young trees under 100mm (4″) use 48″ spade (on skidsteer track machine)
  • Medium size trees up to 110 mm (4.3″) use 60″ spade (on single axle truck )
  • Large trees up to 225 mm (9″) use 90″ spade (on tandem axle truck)
  • Other factors that may further reduce size limitations are: field grown trees with unpruned root systems, summer digging, dry hard pan or stones, as well as difficult species i.e. Beech, Red Oak, Larch, etc.

2. All your underground utilities must be located to ensure that it is safe to dig. If the utilities are within 1.5 meters of the digging area it is not safe to dig unless the cables have been exposed by hand prior to our arrival. If there is any doubt about locates, we will not proceed and travel charges will apply. Trees growing directly over the utility or septic areas can not be moved. (Drain pipes and irrigation lines are not as critical.) 

3. Check access requirements. Is there enough turn space to access the tree and the planting location? A minimum of 12 ft. is required for truck access. Generally, trees planted within 175 cm (6 ft) of a building also cannot be accessed with the 60″ or 90″ spades. 

4. Are conditions favorable to proceed? (e.g. Rocks, hardpan, grade, too soft, season, etc.) We require up to 150 cm (5 ft) depth for the 90″ spade. If we are not able to dig successfully our minimum bill will be 1 hour to cover the travel time expense. If you are unsure, we recommend pre- digging a test hole with a shovel or a mini-ex. If the planting area is known to be rocky or very compacted, you will be required to pre-dig the hole(s) and refill with clean soil. 

5. You must be aware that our heavy equipment may leave some indents or ruts on your lawn. It is advisable to turn sprinkler systems off days ahead of time. We are not responsible for damages, however, our 60″ and 90″ spades do have available plywood for interlock edge and short distance protection. An additional trailer of plywood is available at extra cost. 

6. Preparations include pre-watering the tree, when practical, (especially large evergreens during dry spells) and having a water source available. It is prudent to evaluate and mark the re-location point of the tree. Please remove fences, lawn obstacles, clothes lines, etc. from the area, and clear the driveway of vehicles that may impede the efficiency of the equipment. Frequently branches must be wrapped and tied prior to digging to prevent damage, or tarped for highway travel. 

7. Following the relocation of the tree(s) it is beneficial to place a soil ring or well around the circumference to eliminate air pockets, and to mulch the root ball area with wood chips etc. We will advise you if we feel staking the tree is necessary after it has been moved. A regular watering schedule is critical to ensure survival of the tree for the following year especially during dry summer months.

Note: We do not warranty your relocated trees.

Our Equipment

Rate – $300.00/hour

  • Big John 90D, mounted on Freightliner tandem axle truck
  • will successfully dig and move up to 225 mm (9″) caliper trees
  • minimum billing 3 hours – including one way travel

Rate – $225.00/hour

  • Dutchman 60″, w/ side shift and extend feature, on single axle truck
  • will successfully dig and move up to 125 mm (5″) caliper trees
  • minimum billing 3 hours – including one way travel

Rate – $225.00/hour

  • Dutchman 48″ (or 38″) mounted on JD track machine
  • Dutchman 42″, c/w side swing, mounted on Case FWD tractor
  • will successfully dig and move up to 100 mm (4″) caliper trees
  • minimum billing 4 hours – including float charges

Digging & Basketing

Our digging and basketing services provide you with options and flexibility to transport or store your trees. They can be replanted or marketed at your convenience.

 (rate varies with size)

  • digging and packaging nursery or field grown trees up to 200 mm (8″) caliper
  • includes all materials (wire basket, liner, rope), and tying
  • set-up fees apply, tying, wrapping, moving and loading etc. is extra