An arborist report is a document that outlines the condition of a tree in question. It must be prepared by a certified arborist, and should outline the location, condition, and areas of concern regarding the health of the tree, as well as any problem areas. 

There can be two sources of tree damage: biotic, from living sources such as insects and fungi, and abiotic: from non-living sources such as construction activities, lightning, etc. 

Arborist reports note all the problems that the tree has and provides recommendations about possible solutions to these problems, such as fertilization, pest control, or pruning and removal. The City of Ottawa requires these types of reports to submit an application for a Distinctive Tree Permit for removing trees over 50cm DBH (diameter at breast height) in the urban Ottawa area.

Tree Cabling

Manotick Tree Movers Inc. makes use of cables to stabilize an established tree growing in a manner that is not sustainable, if left uncorrected.    As skilled tree service professionals, cabling is often employed by us to save a specimen tree. If cabling is not done properly, girdling can result; that is one reason why cabling trees is not considered a task for untrained homeowners to do on their own.

An arborist will know where and how to position the cables properly.

Cabling is sometimes used to save a tree with a split trunk, for example; without cabling, such trunks will eventually be torn apart. Another use of cabling is to support a large branch that is growing at an awkward angle. In the latter case, the operation is undertaken as a preventive measure.

When such an operation is called for, it can be performed with a variety of goals in mind, such as:

  • To save the health of the tree (a compromised trunk or branch is an “open wound” that invites harmful fungi, etc. into the insides of your specimen).
  • To preserve its appearance (a tree that has lost a major limb may forever afterwards appear lopsided).
  • If it is a large tree located right near a home, cabling could be necessary in order to keep a large branch from falling on the house, thereby causing property damage.
  • If a large, unstable branch is hanging over a walkway, it poses a risk to anyone using the walkway.

100ft Crane Service

Our qualified team of professionals know the inherent dangers associated with tree removals. 

Not only are we tree care and maintenance experts, we also specialize in crane-assisted hazardous/ large tree removals .

Our 100ft Crane can also assist at times in planting oversized trees in fenced back yards or limited areas for traditional spade access.

Firewood Sales

Firewood Sales


Split firewood:
Mixed hardwood (ash, beech, birch, elm, maple, oak)
1 year seasoned = $120/ face cord. (6+ facecord = $110/face cord)
Fresh split = $100 / face cord

NOTE: Firewood is unloaded by dumping, must have sufficient space for the wood to slide back. 

Must sign disclaimer at office, notify office when you arrive. Please call or email on weekends.